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“Taunton Trails” Hearts auction at Mackenzies in Taunton

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This afternoon I popped along to support the “Taunton Trails” Hearts ♥️ auction at Mackenzies Taunton.
20 stunning Hearts, individually decorated by local artists were on display at Castle Green, prior to being auctioned in Mackenzies, raising money for the League of Friends Musgrove Park Hospital and 2BU.
In the video above, I’m asking Liz Hutchin and Jenny Keogh from GoCreate Taunton all about their brainchild.
Finally, I’d like to say a huge thank you to those involved in making this wonderful Taunton event a reality and of course, thank you to those of you who came along to the auction and are now proud owners of the heart of your choice.
Below are some of the photo from the day…

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