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March 2020, Community News article.

I’m afraid the perennial problem of speeding is once again back at the top of my list of resident’s issues. As usual, it is the few spoiling it for the many, however these few are certainly causing concern. Much of this is taking place late at night and is not only dangerous, but also extremely noisy and must be stopped. Can I ask that if you see a speeding vehicle or know of someone that is driving in an antisocial manner, causing worry, and upset to your neighbours, to please report this to the police on 101 or online.

Bishop’s Hull is covered by a 20 mph speed limit, with the notable exception of Waterfield Drive. As many of you will know, I have asked the council to take another look at this, so that all of the entrances to our village roads can be covered by a 20 mph zone.

Take care

John Hunt

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