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Advantages of being an Independent candidate

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As an experienced Independent councillor, currentlyserving the electorate at Parish, District and County council level, I am in a good position to give my views on how an Independent councillor can best represent their electorate.

One of the most frustrating things for residents, is the lack of availability of their elected representative. Unlike a member of a political party, Independents don’t have to attend or get involved with the endless Political Party meetings, electioneering for fellow Party candidates at all elections and the seemingly continual political plottingagainst their foes. An Independent councillor simply has more time to concentrate on and look after those they represent.

A major reason for becoming an Independent politician and standing for election, was the lack of visibility of those political party councillors who represented me. As a local councillor, I consider it my duty to be 100% involved in my local area. People like to see their councillor regularly (not just at election time), being visible gives those I represent the opportunity to discuss their issues with me and of course, the chance to get to know the person who is representing their interests.

Personally, I consider it a huge honour when a member of the public takes the trouble to vote for me as an Independent candidate. They are voting for someone they trust to represent their interests, not simply for a Party candidate that they have probably never heard of and will have almost certainly only ever met on their doorstep during an election campaign.

Many Party candidates are unaware of where they will be ‘allowed’ to stand for election right up until the last minute, whereas an Independent can chose to stand in their local area, where people know them and the contribution they have already made to the community.

The big difference between an Independent and a Party councillor, is undoubtedly the freedom to act and vote inthe interests of those they represent. On many occasions in Council meetings, I’ve watched councillors having to toe their Party line and vote as directed, when they would rather and should be voting the other way. 

An Independent councillor is free to work for those they serve, rather than the interests of a political party.

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Cllr John Hunt – Independent

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