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Trull Comeytrowe Developement – My View from Sept 2015 meeting

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These are my views gathered from the three parishes meeting of 25/10/2015 and I want to stress that these are entirely my own and do not necessarily reflect the view of Bishop’s Hull parish council or those of others attending the meeting.

Starting with the parts of the proposed developement (PD) that I believe impact directly upon the residence of Bishop’s Hull.

The Spine Road.
To start with, I’ll deal with the spine road. The road runs from Honiton Road in Trull, through the centre of the Proposed Development (PD), exiting onto the A38 just to the west of Stonegallows.
I believe that the spine road will be used as a ‘rat run’ for commutors and locals coming in from the Honiton Road. Turning right onto the west side of Taunton, or left to the M5 junction and Wellington. This will increase congestion, in particular for those commuting into Taunton along the A38, adding
to the chaos at the Silk Mills roundabout and onward down the Wellington New Road.

I did ask if they would be putting in traffic calming measures and ‘access only’ signs as a deterrent, but this and other ‘details’ will be decided at a later time, once the planning process has moved forward.

Below is a map view of the PD….


The A38 junction and Park & Ride.
To gain access to the A38, they propose to add a roundabout positioned between Stonegallow and the Crown Inn, giving access to a new ‘park and ride’ terminal and the PD’s spine road.
It’s a little confusing to calculate how the traffic is going to flow. However, we already have massive congestion issues in the morning and evening rush hours and adding a new roundabout onto the A38 will obviously increase the problem.
The developers pointed out at the meeting, that some commuters will choose to use the new park and ride scheme, thus reducing the effect of the increased traffic from the PD. Clearly, people prefer driving to public transport, so my view is that there will inevitably be an increase in congestion.
The map (enclosed) appears to place the A38 roundabout close to a blind left hand bend (going west), which could pose a potential danger. Adequate signage is needed here, together with vegetation removal, to give adequate vision of the new roundabout ahead. It’s possible that the bend is to be incorporated into the roundabout layout (hard to tell at this stage), if so then this should reduce this problem, although the roundabout will then be very close to the brow of the Stonegallows Hill.


New Primary School.
The initial phases of building will start at the our end of the PD (A38). The Primary School will be built either during the construction of the first 350 units, or at the end. Apparently, there is a clause that states the school must be completed by the time 350 units are finished. I’m not sure if they have to be
inhabited as well, but 350 is the figure. The developers have told TDBC/SCC that they would like to build the school as part of their CIL payment. Still rather up in the air, but sounding likely.
So, let us assume the first 250 homes are built and the school is not ready, where are all these primary aged children going to go? So clearly, it’s important that we push for clarity on this and make certain they fully understand that the School must take priority in the early stage of the build.

THERE WILL NOT BE A SECONDARY SCHOOL????? Where the 11-16 year old children, from a development of 2,000 homes are supposed to go to school is anyone’s guess. It’s obvious that wherever these secondary children go, it will not be in walking distance. So yet more traffic added to our roads from parents running their offspring to and fro. Maybe the youngsters using bus is a possibility, unlikely though methinks.

Comeytrowe Road access.
The impression given at the meeting, was that the developers are likely to agree that there will not be access onto Comeytrowe Road. This may not be an official ‘line’, however it was the impression given. They also talked of blocking Comeytrowe Road, thus joining the ‘green’ areas between the PD and Comeytrowe Park. Suggestions were, that this would be at the end of the row of dwellings towards the southern edge of Comeytrowe Park, residence would therefore gain access to their homes via Dipford Road.
From a Bishop’s Hull viewpoint and assuming Comeytrowe Road is blocked. This would stop the vehicle numbers using Queensway/Comeytrowe Lane as a cut through from Trull, thus reducing the traffic coming onto Wellington New Road from Galmington Road, together with a reduction in the traffic exiting from the very dangerous Comeytrowe Lane/A38 junction.
It is important that we push for the proposed Comeytrowe Road access from the PD to be shelved. Comeytrowe PC are strongly against it, as are the local residence, irrespective of the number of units having access and I think we should add our support.

Below is the plan showing the proposed Comeytrowe Road access


Honiton Road access
This doesn’t really effect Bishop’s Hull.
I spent some time viewing the many ideas the developers came up with for this part of the PD and I believe the one they appear to have settled for is the best of them. See image enclosed.


Below is an illustrative view of the PD, showing the 3 proposed access points, the spine road and the posiyioning of the new primary school, shown in pink.



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