Cllr John Hunt – County, District and Parish Councillor

Time to get this road open. I’m told March 17th is the day, don’t hold your breath…

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Last month I shared an article saying that the Northern Inner Distributor Road (NIDR), that should have opened 2 years ago, would be open mid-February. Yet here we are at the end of February and yes you’ve guessed it, it’s still not open.
To be honest, I personally can’t see what difference it’ll make to the traffic-flow, or lack of it. However, let’s at least get this thing open and find out.
I did manage to speak to someone who gave me an opening date of March 17th, that of course may not be correct and the individual was not prepared to give their name.
This short video shows the road as it is today (Fri 24th Feb) and from a layman’s view the NIDR looks finished. I assume they’d have to check the traffic/street lights and clear the scaffolding, etc, but apart from that…

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