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The tree stump outside Shire Hall needs sorting out. Let’s do just that.

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UPDATE: 14th November 2016.
Had an encouraging meeting with SCC last Thursday. I presented them with the options available and they are going to come back to me.
I’m confident that we’ll have a conclusion to the future of ‘Stumpy’ in the near future.
As always, I’ll get back to you as soon as I have anything further.

UPDATE September 19th 2016 – It’s taking a while, but progress is being made.
As expected, the council don’t have the cash for this project, however they’ve given me the go ahead to ask our Sculptors to come up with a design based on all of your ideas and of course one that is achievable, remembering that the funds have to be raised before we can to move forward. Obviously, the less we need to raise, the more realistic it will be to achieve.
Upon receiving their ideas and cost estimates, I’ll be able to look at the best ways of raising the cash. I’ll be looking at sources such as Crowd funding, Supermarkets (5p bag donations), etc.
Clearly, I’ll need a ‘ball-park’ figure before I start fund raising (hoping to have this by the end of the month), however if anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear from you.

UPDATE July 27th 2016 – After several weeks of trying to contact those who’d promised me action. I’m apparently getting a call in the next few days, hopefully with some positive news….I won’t hold my breath, but am still pushing and eternally hopeful.

June 28th 2016 – I have decided to look into what can be done with the prominently positioned ‘tree stump’ set in the grounds of Taunton’s Shire Hall. It’s an absolute eye sore and needs to be either removed or made into something beautiful.


The responsibility for the area where the ‘stump’ is positioned, is that of Somerset County Council (SCC).
I contacted them this morning, and spoke to the extremely helpful Mr Chris Winn, who told me the council had received several quotes from people to create a scupture from the ‘stump’.
SCC decided not to go ahead with the project because the quotes were very high and they felt our money could be better used elsewhere, quite right too in my opinion.
The ‘stump’ has been there since the original tree was cut back a few years ago, because it was a danger to those using the adjoining main road.

I explained to Mr Winn that I’d like to try and find a solution to the problem, using this blog, together with the assistance of those that follow my Facebook Page. Mr Winn said that SCC would be happy for me to try and get some ideas together for this and hopefully find someone who’d like to show off their talent by creating something from the excellent ‘blank canvass (the tree stump), that is available to them.

My decision to ‘do something about this’ was made after it was brought to my attention by Arna Marshall-Read via my Facebook Page last week, thank you Arna.

If you’re an artist, wood carver, sculptor, etc, or have any ideas and you think you can help, please contact me.
Ideally, it would be good to hear from someone who’d like to use the ‘stump’ as a showcase for their capabilities. Your remuneration will be the honour of having a piece displayed very prominently, in our wonderful county town.

So come on, let’s get this sorted out and make this high profile area of Taunton, appealing to visitors and locals alike.

John Hunt

Here are a few more images…

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