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Thank you all for your amazing support.

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I’d like to say a special “thank you” to those of you that have one of my election sign boards on your property. Your support is very much appreciated.
As many of you will know, I’ve worked hard to address issues of concern for the residents of Bishop’s Hull & Taunton West, both as a Parish Councillor in Bishop’s Hull and a private citizen in the rest of Taunton West.
To enable me to get even more done, I will be standing as a candidate in the Somerset County Council elections, taking place on May 4th.
If elected, it will enable me to gain greater access to all the right people and local government departments, meaning that I can serve YOU better.
In my opinion, there is no room for party politics in local government, so I will be standing as an Independent.
This will give me the freedom I need to act on your behalf, making it possible for me to properly represent YOU, not the interests of a political party.
Unlike the Conservative and LibDem candidates standing against me, I actually live in Bishop’s Hull & Taunton West.
So if you want a ‘LOCAL’ Councillor who is already heavily involved in YOUR community, not just showing up at election time, then you know what to do.

Vote John Hunt on May 4th – Local and Independent.

Imprint: This website page is produced by John Hunt of 10 Badgers Close, Bishops Hull, Taunton. To promote his campaign as a candidate in the Somerset County Council elections of May 4th 2017

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