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Taunton Flower Show 2016

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Amazing, just about sums up this year’s Taunton Flower Show, held on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th August 2016.
Unlike previous years, where I’ve had the great pleasure to volunteer at the show, this year I was flattered to be invited onto the committee. Still a voluntary role, but giving me far more involvement and of course a lot more work.
Along with attending several pre-event meetings, I arrived at Vivary park on the Thursday before opening to meet and greet the ‘Wilton Lands’ traders/exhibitors and assist wherever possible. I think I left the park around 9pm, to return at 7:30am the next morning to prepare for the grand opening.

My favourite ‘job’ at the show, is organising the visitor flow at the main (Town Gate) entrance.
It’s great fun chatting with everyone and keeping their spirits up, (check out the video below) in the inevitable queue that forms ahead of opening time.
Like last year the weather was amazing and remembering how the heat had effected people the previously, I did my best to shelter as many as possible under the overhanging trees, which certainly made a difference.
My suggestion to you all, is to buy a ticket prior to coming to next years show. Once the gates are opened, those with tickets, along with show members, simply stroll past all the queues and having shown their ticket or internet printout at the gate, walk straight into the show.

On both Friday and Saturday, I finished my duties on the gate around 1pm, going over to the Wilton Lands (we called it the ‘Festival Village’) area of Vivary Park to assist the traders, introduce performers onto the stage and helping clear away etc, again finishing around 9pm.

The highlight for me, was watching all of you guys have such a great time and the looks on the faces of all the organisers, traders, stand holders and in particular, the volunteers (without who the show simply wouldn’t exist). They all looked very proud and so they should be, everyone did an amazing job.

On a personal note I’d like to thank everyone for making me so welcome. Roll on 2017.

Doing my bit on the main gate.

A flavour of the ‘Festival Village’.

A quick chat with hard working show secretary Vikki, on the Wednesday before opening.

Preparations are nearly complete for the show. This video includes an interview with show stand holder Kay, from Atlantic Botanic.

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