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The Taunton Ambulance Station Open Day took place on Sunday 20th August 2017.

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Well what an unexpected treat it was for me, to be invited to the Taunton Ambulance Station Open Day by Chris Turner.
Bishop’s Hull resident Chris, is the Operations Manager at South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust and is based at the Lisieux Way Ambulance Station here in Taunton.

Chris met me on arrival and spent the next couple of hours introducing me to key staff and explaining the services offered by the trust.

Whilst showing me around, Chris and the team were very happy for me to video much of what was there, which means that you’ll all be able to enjoy the same ‘inside’ view of the event that was so generously offered to me.
Watch and listen to Chris together with many other Ambulance service professionals explaining their role and the tools at their disposal.

Below is a ‘taster’ video, a quick way to get an overview of the event. I’ve also added a further 7 videos showing a more in-depth look at the Open Day, plus a selection of photos which I’m more than happy for you to have. So please feel free to copy those you’d like.

To say I was impressed with the staff at the show would be a huge understatement. Don’t forget, this was a Sunday, a day off for the dedicated Men and Women of our Ambulance service. No matter, they were there, unpaid with huge smiles on their faces, proudly telling the Taunton public about ‘their’ Ambulance Station.
This is not a job of work to these ‘heroes’, this is without doubt their vocation.

It was an honour to meet you all and Chris, thank you so much for giving me your invaluable time.

Take care,

John Hunt

For more information, take a look at the SW Ambulance Service website.

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