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Snow – Community spirit in Bishops Hull is alive and very well.

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For this month’s article (April 2018) the choice of subject is a very easy one indeed. Clearly the biggest thing to happen in our village during March, was the Snowfall hitting us on the 1st of the month (St David’s day).

The memory I will retain from the Snow of 2018, will be the outstanding community spirit shown by so many of you.

Having spent a lot of time out in the village over this period, I witnessed so many acts of kindness. From checking that your neighbours were alright and collecting shopping for those who couldn’t ‘get out’, to shovelling snow from paths and roads for those that were less able.

Something that really came to the fore, was the power of the Parish Council Facebook Group.
It enabled us to get vital information out to residents. For example, that the village shop was open and what essentials they had, like bread and milk? The status of Schools, were they open or closed? Weather warnings, publicising impromptu Coffee mornings and those all important offers of help from caring locals.
We organised volunteers to help with checking on our more vulnerable residents, thank you for your help.
It was great to share lots of your photographs and videos, giving an overall view of what was actually going on in the village, so comforting for those that found themselves ‘housebound’ during this challenging period.

In the coming months, I’ll be setting up a team of local volunteers for just this kind of ’emergency’ situation and will give all of the details once this ‘team’ is established. This will include number/s you’ll be able to call for up to date information in extreme circumstances such as these. So if you’d rather not sign up for Facebook, you’ll still have access to information and assistance.

Finally I’d like to thank all of you that braved the conditions to assist those needing your help, you were all absolutely magnificent.

John Hunt.

Here is a video I made just for fun, to show the conditions around the village between 17:00 and 18:00 on Thursday March 1st 2018.

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