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John Hunt’s County Councillors Report to the Parish Council – 25th January 2018.

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Village Hall and Playing Field Trust – Planning application 05/17/0019
On the 11th January along with the Chairman Paul Bulbeck, I attended a ‘pre contract’ meeting between the VHPFT, builders Wrencon and architects Stone & Partners.
It was agreed at the meeting that Wrencon will commence work on Monday 12th February 2018 and is anticipated to last for a maximum of 22 weeks, although I did get the impression it would actually take a few weeks less, giving a completion date in early July 2018.

Sports and other activities can still continue during the build period, but allowances must be made by users (particularly the PTAs ‘May Fair’) for the large area of fencing required to retain the ‘spoil’ etc, from the site works.
The ‘spoil’ will be moved when the field is hard and dry along with the fencing.

Construction and delivery vehicles will gain access from the Bishops Hull Hill (BHH) entrance.
I stressed to the builders that they would need to avoid School start/finish times and contact local residents in BHH when large vehicles were due, so that their cars could be moved from parking opposite the site entrance.
A firmly secured robust tracking system will be laid to protect the field. This will run from the end of the existing rough road leading from BHH, to the site.

The builder’s working hours will be 07:45 – 16:30 Monday – Thursday and 07:45 – 16:00 on Friday.
Outside of these hours the site will be secured using fencing and a locked storage unit positioned outside of the existing pavilion.

Christmas 2017.
I’m delighted to report that the Village Christmas Party was a huge success and will be repeated again this year on Saturday 1st December 2018.
I’ve already allocated a table for the Parish Council, so please make a note in your diaries. Here’s a link to photos of the event – BishopsHull.com.

Although the event was not a fundraiser, we ended up with a profit of £424, which was evenly divided between the Village Hall Trust and the Hub Trust, see presentations below…

The overgrowth issue on the northern part of Silk Mills road has now been resolved at long last…

Netherclay – Parking.
From my report 09/11/2017…
“Having spoken to most residents in Netherclay, they are not keen on losing the two spaces alongside the wall (on the original scheme plan), but do like the idea of DYs outside the first two cottages.
However, since speaking to the residents, I’ve been made aware that some are not happy about any DYs at all and would rather have the extra parking, albeit with the risk of their vehicles being damaged.”

Since then I’ve had contact from others in favour of the scheme along with more objections. With so many objectors, it’s clear that this is not popular with the majority of residents effected by the proposed restrictions.

This being the case, I asked that the scheme be stopped at meeting with Jo Sharpe on 11/01/2018 (SCC traffic and transport development), and this was agreed.
There is a possible alternate to overcoming the ‘pinch-point’ issue and I’ll be discussing this over the coming weeks, reporting back to you prior at the next PC meeting in March.
Clearly a new approach to the various issues in Netherclay needs to be taken and I will be discussing this with SCC. Your input would be very useful.

Here is the scheme that has been stopped, the proposed double yellows shown in red…

Persimmon – Kinglake.
After many calls and emails, I’m pleased to report that the play equipment at Kinglake has now been repaired and the fencing around the new equipment has now been removed…

Bishops Hull Hub.
On the 10th January I attended a meeting of the trustees at which funding was the main topic of discussion.
EDF have a large pot of money (£17m) available to projects in areas impacted by Hinkley Point C. In Bishops Hull we have several HPC employees living here, with more arriving. Based on this the Hub have applied for a £150K grant and expect to hear the result of their application in the coming weeks.
Other funding discussed was the CIL monies held by the Parish Council, together with other possibilities such as local supermarkets, the Lawn Tennis Association, banks and several others
Could I ask that if any of you know of other possible funding sources, please let me know and I’ll pass these on to the Hub Trustees.

On the 17th January I was invited along to the Hub’s new events committee to discuss ideas on how to raise further funds by organising various events in the village. I proposed that thought be given to running a monthly village lottery/draw. Each ticket could cost £1, with 50% of the money raised going directly to the hub, 25% would be the 1st prize, 15% 2nd prize and 10% 3rd prize. Again, if you have any suggestions…

The Hub’s FaceBook Page and Website.

Bishops Hull Badgers Toddler Group.
The first session of the group was on Thursday 18th January in the Church Hall. When I arrived there was 29 families in attendance and all thoroughly enjoying their morning.
This is a parent run baby and toddler group that will meet every Thursday during term time from 09:00 – 11:00. A chance for children and adults to play, have fun and to meet new friends. Volunteers were on hand to help with refreshments and more are needed if you’re around on a Thursday morning.
The play group, superbly led by local resident Tilda Gibbs is run on a purely non-profit basis. The first few weeks are free of charge, thereafter participation will cost only £2.
This group will be a huge benefit to parents giving them somewhere to meet up once a week, making new friends for both themselves and their little ones.
As many of you will know, parenting can sometimes be a lonely experience, particularly for new parents and this will be for many village parents, a real lifeline and something for them to look forward too.
The group have applied for a Parish Council Grant, an application I strongly support and would like to suggest the full £500 is made available to them.

Badgers Toddler Group’s FaceBook Page.

The Highways England proposed dualling of the A358 consultation ending Feb 27th 2018.
Unlike the previous ‘so called’ consultation, where we had the choice of just one route (Orange), Highways England (HE) were ‘encouraged’ to think again and now offer two additional routes for our consideration. These are the Blue and Pink routes shown below.
After attending the launch consultation on Tuesday 16th January at Taunton Museum, the general consensus of opinion from the councillors I spoke with, was that the Pink route was the preferred option.
For my division (Bishops Hull & Taunton West), I believe that either the Pink or Blue route would give better and faster access to Taunton, which of course is important for our long suffering retailers and for those of us who use this route.
The Orange route is basically a Taunton bypass and in my opinion is not what we need at all. It also leaves a large volume of traffic going through Henlade, which will not help traffic flow.
More information can be found at BishopsHull.com

Cllr John Williams, Leader of Taunton Deane Borough Council.
On Thursday 1st February I have a meeting with Cllr Williams to discuss the various issues of concern that I have with what’s happening (or not) in our County Town, specifically Bishops Hull & Taunton West.
If you have something you’d like me to discuss with Cllr Williams at the meeting, then please email me.

Kind regards,

Cllr John Hunt
Bishop’s Hull & Taunton West

Please note, this is only a sample of my actions relating to Bishops Hull since the last Parish Council meeting. Much of my work is in the Taunton West/Town centre area which is not included here unless it is relevant or of interest to the residents of Bishops Hull.

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