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Platinum Jubilee – Sunday 5th June 2022

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Bishop’s Hull Platinum Jubilee celebrations – Sunday 5th June.

It’s the morning after the night before and ‘Team Bishop’s Hull’ are back at the Bishops Hull Hub ridiculously early, to help with the clearing up and preparing for the coming days events.

As ever, it was fun hearing amusing tales from our dinner dance. Obviously, I won’t be sharing these here…what happened at the dance, stays at the dance😜😇

With all of the Tables and Chairs set out for Church Service and the Hub Cafe, it was lovely to attend, along with 57 others, the…

10am Church Service from St Peter and St Paul’s Church in Bishop’s Hull. A big thank you to Rev Phil Hughes and his team.

11am After the service, the cafe opened, with everyone able to socialise and enjoy tea, coffee and cake in the Hub, Marquee and of course, out in the fresh air. Well done to Helen Crooks and the Hub team.

Midday, saw the start of our Jubilee Picnic in the Park.

The weather forecast for the afternoon was atrocious, however lots of you came along and were richly entertained by the Dukes of Wellington Ukulele band and The Lazy River Jazz Group.

As part of the festivities, children’s sports were organised on the Playing Field, many thanks to Carol Manley👍

2pm Time now for the eagerly awaited Great Bishop’s Hull Bake Off result. The entries were utterly superb.

Many thanks to Jane Gurr for organising and to Cherry Clark from the Meryan House Hotel for undertaking the difficult job of judging the entries.

I guess if we had to choose a time for the rain to finally interrupt an event, it would be the last one of the 23, but not until everybody had a chance to enjoy the final day.

Late afternoon. And ‘that’s a wrap’. The final band of intrepid volunteers finished taking down the Marquee and Gazebo in the pouring rain, at the end of what has been a massively successful four day village celebration, all absolutely soaked 🌧 There’s is a great photo at the very end.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank the huge number of volunteers involved in creating a four day Platinum Jubilee Celebration, that I’m sure Her Majesty herself would be proud of.


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