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Recently I had a call from a withheld number and again a day later from this number 01227 712576.
Both calls claimed to be from my bank, asking me to confirm my postcode etc.

Do not confirm any of your details, do not give your answer as “yes” or this could be used later by the scammers to make it sound like you’re agreeing to a bogus contract, simply by using a recording of you saying “yes”.
You should end the call immediately and block the number on your phone, if you’re even slightly suspicious.

As they had guessed my bank correctly, I wanted to make sure it was a scam call, so rather than answer their question, I asked them for my banks branch address and they finished the call immediately.
On today’s call I asked for my bank phone number so that I could call them back and yet again they ended the call.

If you’re in any doubt, do not speak and end the call.

Take care,

John Hunt

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