Cllr John Hunt – County, District and Parish Councillor

Please Park Considerately in Bishops Hull.

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On Sunday 4th February I met with several of you at three village locations to discuss parking issues. Thank you to those who braved the chilly conditions.
It’s clear that there are many problems around the village caused by inconsiderate parking, most of which I am aware of and completely share your frustrations.

On the 8th February, I met with SCC ‘Highways’ to discuss these areas where vehicles are parked causing considerable inconvenience, congestion and more importantly, danger to other road users.

I’ve also requested a meeting with the Police to ask why they are not doing more to deter these drivers from parking on blind bends and opposite or within 10 metres of a junction (Highway Code 243).

In some areas the problem is caused by commuters and in others by local residents. In all cases the problem is caused by people parking without consideration for the rest us.

I’ll update progress made at Please don’t hesitate to email me on

John Hunt

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