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Unbelievably, I am the only candidate who actually lives in Bishop’s Hull & Taunton West.

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Below are the photos of all of the candidates that are standing for election in the Somerset County Council division of Bishop’s Hull & Taunton West, that actually live there…

That’ll be just me then 😳

Unbelievably the 4 political parties standing here, cannot apparently find a candidate who actually lives in Bishop’s Hull & Taunton West.
Do the parties arrogantly assume people will simply put their X against their Party name on the ballot paper, irrespective of who the candidate is?

In my opinion, if a candidate standing in a ‘local election’ is unable to vote for themselves, then they shouldn’t be allowed to stand.

If you want a ‘LOCAL’ Councillor who is already heavily involved in YOUR community, not just showing up at election time from elsewhere, then you know what to do…
Vote John Hunt on May 4th – Local and Independent. Serving YOU, not the interests of a political party.

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