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Meet up with me to discuss your Bishops Hull parking issue.

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As promised, I’ve now had meetings with both the Police and Somerset County Council Highways, regarding parking issues in various areas throughout Bishops Hull.

These areas are:
Richmond Park.
Waterfield Drive
The Village Centre
Shutewater Close

If you’d like to meet me to discuss your area’s parking problems, find out what may happen next, and what we can all do to help each other.

There are possible solutions in all areas and I’d like/need your support for the proposals I’ve put forward.

I’ll be at the following locations on Friday/Saturday this week:

Friday 23rd 10:30 – 11:30 in the Frank Bond Centre, 84 Mountway Rd.
This is my monthly surgery and we will be inside in the warm.

Saturday 24th at 11:00 in Richmond Park.

Saturday 24th at 12:15 between Jarmyns and Waterfield Close on Waterfield Drive.

Saturday 24th at 13:15 outside the front of the Church Hall.

Saturday 24th at 14:00 in Shutewater Close.

I’ve added photos below of exactly where you’ll be able to find me.

The weather forecast for Saturday is sunny, but please remember to dress warmly as we’ll be outside.

For those of you who are unavailable, or would rather talk to me privately, please email me on john@bishopshull.com rather than using the comments section below, many thanks.

If you are aware of neighbours who are not on Facebook, please do let them know.

Hope to see you on Friday or Saturday.

John Hunt

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