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The mystery of the disappearing litter.

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The source of this month’s article comes from an email I received from two of Bishops Hull’s unsung volunteers.

Like many of you, one of my favourite places to spend a little down time is at the village green.
Rarely do I see any litter and often think how lucky we are to live in such a place. However, the reason the village green is generally litter free, is down to our magnificent volunteers.

Maggie and Alan became so fed up with finding bottles, cans, bags of dog excrement, broken glass and general litter being left behind by those that clearly have no consideration whatsoever for the rest of us, that they decided to do something about it for themselves.

Now each day when they walk their dog around the village, they also pick up all the ‘litter’ they find as they go. They shouldn’t have to do that.

Our village offers some amazing open spaces for us all to enjoy. So whether you’re strolling around Longrun Meadow, walking through Netherclay’s woodland or enjoying the village playing field, please take your ‘litter’ home with you. Thank you

John Hunt

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