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Election Announcement.

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Election Announcement – I’ll be standing as an Independent candidate for the new larger Bishop’s Hull and Comeytrowe Ward, in the forthcoming Somerset West and Taunton District Council elections, taking place on May 2nd 2019.

The new district council will replace the existing borough councils of Taunton Deane and West Somerset. Between the two councils, there are currently 84 members. In the new district council, there will be a reduced number of 59 members, representing 35 electoral wards (areas).

The new Bishop’s Hull & Comeytrowe ward, is basically the combination of the existing TDBC Bishop’s Hull and Comeytrowe wards. The 2 wards elected 5 councillors between them in 2015, however, in new larger ward, you’ll be able to elect just 3.

Why am I standing for election to the new district council
As the Independent Somerset County Councillor for Bishop’s Hull & Taunton West, I’ve been able to get a lot done for those of you that I have the honour to represent, however, I’ve found it frustrating dealing with the existing borough council. To be fair, the officers at TDBC have been very helpful, but actually being an elected member, would give me access to the right people, thus saving time and enabling me to serve you more effectively.

So in a ‘nutshell’, if you contact me with a local council query, I’ll be able to deal with it faster and faster means I can do so much more.

My priority and my reason for being a politician, is to serve those that I represent to the best of my ability. It is my firm belief, that there is no room for party politics in local government, hence why I am 100% an Independent politician. Serving you, NOT the interests of a political party.

Standing Up For Taunton. Another priority and reason for standing as a candidate in this election to the new SWAT district council, is my love of our County Town. I believe I offer a strong voice that’s very much in favour of making Taunton what it should be, a thriving County Town. To have direct input, I need to a member of this council. If elected, I will represent your views and be your voice.

In my role as a County Councillor, my electoral division (area) includes much of Taunton’s town centre. It is very import to us all to see our town thrive. From my many conversations with you all, it’s abundantly clear that you share my frustrations. The current and previous administrations have made nothing short of a ‘Pig’s Ear’ of their stewardship of our once great town. There are many examples of their ineptitude, here are my top two:

Firepool – Still an eyesore after 10 years left as a wilderness. The majority of you have come up with many constructive ideas on what should be done here. The most popular suggestion by some distance, is the building of a multi-purpose 1,000 – 1,500 seat stadium. Our current council has at long last cottoned on to this and made it their own idea. Do you know what, I don’t care who takes the plaudits for coming up with this, just please get on with it. I know and you all know whose idea it was don’t you? That’s right, it was YOUR idea.

Castle Green – What a waste of our money and green it is not. Virtually unused, apart from those using it as a skate park and the occasional events that take place, perhaps once per month. How much did it cost? £3 + MILLION pounds. What were those that supposedly represent us thinking?

The Campaign. Between now and May 2nd, you’ll see me electioneering in your area, popping leaflets through your door and yes, I believe it’s really important to deliver every single one personally. So if you see me, please do say hello, the more of you I meet the better.

A promise. You’ll see a lot of me before the election, if elected, you’ll also see a lot of me afterwards.

Thank you all. And finally, I’m a very lucky man. Not many people find their true ‘calling’ in life, well I can honestly tell you that I have and it’s all down to your amazing support, both prior to and since becoming your Independent County Councillor for Bishop’s Hull & Taunton West on May 4th 2017, thank you.

People often wonder why I never take a day off, it’s true, I’m ‘on it’ 7 days a week, not even a holiday. Yes, like everyone I get tired and yes, I take ‘time out’ each day to relax, but I feel a need to give my all to those that took the trouble to vote for me.

It’s different for those in a political party, as they never know whether people actually voted for them personally or for their party. As an Independent, I know that each valuable vote that I receive, is because you believe in my ability to represent you and it’s very hard to explain how humbling that feels.

Thank you for having faith in me and giving this amazing opportunity. It is my hope that you’ll feel I’ve worked hard enough to deserve your vote again in the upcoming election in Bishop’s Hull and Comeytrowe, taking place on May 2nd 2019.

If you have any questions or to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact me. –

Take care


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