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It’s clear the vandals think my looks are improved by wearing Glasses and sporting a Moustache.

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Friends have said that the photo on my election signboards would comfortably win a ‘Gurning’ contest and clearly the vandals agree. It’s their opinion that I look better wearing Glasses and sporting a Moustache, and they may well have a point.

Yes, I’m trying to see the funny side of this needless vandalism, what else can I do?
I’m working really hard on my election campaign, standing in the Somerset County Council division of Bishop’s Hull & Taunton West and have spent most of the last week erecting sign-boards on resident’s properties, only to find some of them defaced already.
Political party candidates have everything paid for them, standing as an Independent means that I pay for everything out of my own pocket. So defacing these signs costs me money, time and additional work.
Rant over, I’m off to buy some Glasses and grow a moustache. If nothing else, it’ll save me having to renew my signs 😉

John Hunt
Independent candidate for Bishop’s Hull & Taunton West

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