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If you go down to the Constitutional Club on a Monday evening, you’re in for a big surprise.

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This month’s Community News article (February 2017), came about quite be accident.
Usually, I plan ahead making sure the person or group of people I’m going to feature, are aware that I’m coming to see them.

Not this time. I’d arranged to meet up with a friend from the village for a catch-up over a quiet drink at the Constitutional Club and listen to some Ukulele players, who apparently come to the club on a Monday night.

You can imagine my surprise as we walked into a wall of music and singing from a packed bar area, filled with people of all ages playing Ukuleles. Unbeknown to me, 40 – 50 players from the Taunton Ukulele Strummers Club (TUSC) regularly meet there, not the one or two people I was anticipating.

I took a short video clip (see below) and this was shared by Sam Shelbourne from TUSC on their Facebook Group. Sam wrote the following amusing post which sums up my reaction perfectly…
“He came over at the beer break and asked if it would be OK to post a short video on his website. I said: why not? We’re always happy to make an exhibition of ourselves!
He seemed genuinely amazed by what he found. He’d expected a rather subdued handful of folks plodding their way through some dull tunes, but instead found a crowd of laughing, singing, strumming people just obviously having a huge amount of FUN!”

Spot on Sam, I was amazed. You were all absolutely fabulous and even had us singing along at the end.

So if you play the Ukulele or simply fancy a fun evening out as I rather unexpectedly enjoyed, then pop along to the Constitutional Club in Bishop’s Hull on a Monday evening from 19:30 – 21:30.

John Hunt

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