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Fun birthday trip to Cardiff

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How lucky am I? It was my birthday recently and my lovely partner took me to Cardiff for a night away.

On the Wednesday (6th Jan), we arrived in Cardiff around 3, giving us enough time to check in to our city centre hotel, before meeting a Uni friend of my partners for coffee in the new John Lewis store.

The evening was spent celebrating at the amazing Viva Brazil restaurant, no menu, just course after course of meat, they should call it Meat Heaven. Very, very filling, great fun though.

Needless to say we didn’t fancy breakfast after our evening feast, so off we went down to Cardiff Bay. If you’ve never been, you really must, it’s incredible. The regeneration of the whole area is very impressive.
Brunch was a bacon roll Ă  la carte in a lovely Bayside cafe, yes you heard me correctly, we ate brunch outside in January…..fabulous 🙂
Wanting to make the most of our trip, we decided on a nice walk in the sunshine, ending up at the recently built (2001) Cardiff Bay Barrage. Windy does not adequately describe it, but the warm sunshine certainly made up for it.

We’ll certainly be going back again and were lucky on the journey there. Checking the BBC on my partners phone prior to leaving, they said the M5 was closed as far as Weston, so we joined it further up and avoided a 5 hour delay. Don’t always check, certainly will in future….

12512540_1658282557763084_3874999738022523021_nView of the Quantock Hills from Cardiff Bay Barrier

12509629_1658282304429776_2652074965631083340_nCardiff Bay from the Barrier

12509519_1658284634429543_824997692302282250_nThe amazing all meat menu showing our 7 selections

12509120_1658389131085760_4391698379000553379_nCardiff Bay and the Barrier from the our table outside the Bayside cafe

12507412_1658282264429780_5258011294873200911_nHow tall are we? lol – Cardiff from Cardiff bay Barrier

12417926_1658284631096210_589154296727870414_nBuffet at Viva Brazil, prior to the meat courses arriving

12417800_1658389174419089_486976880769569683_nCardiff city centre with my lovely partner

12400904_1658282457763094_3281030756240233764_nNot sure why I’m pointing, we all know it’s Cardiff lol

1918309_1658282327763107_875329782171868867_nBrunch Ă  la carte, fabulous

1003605_1658282224429784_7730572977550203499_nJust look at that blue sky in January, we were so very lucky

3687_1658282511096422_6631543868437013454_nThe walkway looking away from the barrage

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