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Here are some of the comments I’ve received relating to my work as a Somerset County and Somerset West & Taunton District Councillor.

AL. If we don’t vote for John we wil lose him as our councillor altogether next year, as we will be losing our local district councillor.  So if we want his continuing  wonderful local help and representation, we must vote for John this time.

ME. Please vote for John we must not loose him he works so hard for everyone we need John he takes time to sort out problems especially like the huge hole in the road in Wellington road and many other things he always takes time to listen to everyone it would be terrible if we lost John

RP. John has made a huge difference to our village and has been a fantastic councillor and deserves our support. We don’t want to lose him, and I for one would miss his help. Please just go to the Hub polling station on the 5 May and cast your vote for John it could be the one that makes the difference.

VC. Party politics shouldn’t come into local elections. Use your vote to keep John. He cares about our area and works hard for us.

JN. thanks John, always so responsive! Much appreciated

LD. Good luck John looking forward to voting for you and thanks for all you have done so far for our community.

DS. Always a gentleman, John. Looking forward to you having you represent us again – thank you for all you do.

WA. I just wish he was standing for Taunton Deane!  What a truly fabulous person and the effort he put in, with the online quizzes during the whole of the lock downs was just truly AMAZING!  I really miss those quizzes and they did bring people and families together from not only the local area, but those further afield too – even Oz!

BB. I saw them driving through Taunton today and always think how much you do to support the race for life each year 

ME. Always vote for you John you are the best for everyone the best in the west thank you for the time you give to everyone

AN. Well I hope everyone is voting today! I have just made my choice and don’t mind sharing that I have voted for our Independent candidate, John Hunt. So pleased that his ward now includes my area. John is passionate about getting things done for the good of our community and as an independent, doesn’t get tied up in party politics. Something I’m sure many of us are tired of hearing about. If you are wavering in your choice, vote for change and vote for John! Great to see you today John and wishing you luck!

LS. Just wanted to say that we will be voting for you in May! We moved to North Town just before lockdown 1 and we have both been impressed by your passion for Taunton. It’s obvious you really care about the town and it’s people. My husband and I have turned away from politics for several years now but you are like a breath of fresh air and we will be supporting you in May. Please keep on doing what you do, it’s so refreshing to find someone who doesn’t have their own self interests at heart.

WKW. Those living in Bishop’s Hull know what a community minded man John Hunt is, always ready to help with even the smallest problem and very enthusiastic. He was selflessly supporting the villagers long before he became an independent councillor. He has no need to electioneer. He’s popular, respected and always available.

SC. We live in TA1 Area, it great to see someone actually care for the area in and around Taunton, So hope you up for voting all over not just the place you mentioned.

DM. Many thanks for the massive amount of effort you put into our locality, you’re a great asset.

TDC. Our gratitude for all you do for the community.

SS. Thank you for showing Bishop’s Hull that a politician can be honest, truthful and hardworking.

MP. Well done John. There’s a few that could take a ‘leaf out of your book.’  This is what proactive politics should look like!

RP. Thank you for all that you do for the village, It is much appreciated by everyone.

DG. Well done for another good year supporting the community.

RS. Thank you  for all your hard work

AHT. John Hunt, that’s why we vote for you….. You get things done. Thanks John

ML. John Hunt Cracking stuff John, thanks for working so hard on this!

KP. Go John…always follows up where he can.

R&LP. Thanks for all you do for the village and Taunton.

BW. Thank you John for your efforts to get this problem resolved correctly.

J&S. Thank you for everything you’ve done to help us.

CW. I have recently moved to Taunton and never met a Councillor who is as proactive as you! Definitely get my vote. Thank you

BPT. Thanks for all your support this year.

SC. Well done Councillor Hunt. Yours efforts are to be applauded. I am afraid the standard of workmanship today leaves a lot to be desired.

T&E. A huge thank you for all your support this year.

LE. And this is why we need to vote for John!

R&P. Thank you for all your support.

WA. Thank you for all of the quizzes you hosted for us all.  I did nominate you for the community awards – hopefully you won!  Wishing you and your family a very happy 2022 and thank you for all that you have done for us.

CJ. Thankyou John Hunt for your hard work in trying to keep the road users safe.

LP. Grateful thanks for all you do for residents.

SB. Congratulations John on your steadfast good work.

EG. John Hunt I take my hat off to you, you are always on the ball. Have never known anyone that looks after the community like you do “first class” keep up the good work.

RE. John your one in a Million.

JS. Nice one John. Making things safer. It must be extremely frustrating to be passed from pillar to post. If someone had come a cropper on that pothole, no-one would have taken responsibility and there would have been an insincere ‘lessons have been learnt’ quote. Thank you for sorting this out. Much appreciated  

CG. Well done John again. Standing up for this community.

CW. Well done John and thank you for taking your Councillor duties seriously.

AR. Keep up the pressure, that’s all you can do. Well done for what you’ve done over the last few years. Thank you

HP. Just who we need! No political agenda, just get the jobs done that need doing! Good luck John Hunt!

HCW. I wish all councillors cared as much as you.

AS. Well done John. Good job getting this fixed albeit temporarily. I take the A38 to Wellington twice a day.

MD. thanks for all you are doing John, much appreciated

PB. At Last!! Well Done with all your efforts Mr Hunt!

RP. John, thank you for all that you do for the village and for the Hub.

Mrs L. Councillor John Hunt is not my county councillor, but I really wish he was. Over the past few months, I have had some issues that are within John’s patch, and have needed to contact him to discuss these issues. It was most refreshing to get a prompt reply and action relating to my concerns, this is how I believe a councillor should act.

CG. Thank you John for your information. You’re not my local councillor as I’m in a different area from you, but goodness, I wish you were. Always on the ball with info. I don’t even know my local councillor! Keep up the good work!

CP. I also don’t live in Bishops Hull, but I think those who do are very lucky to have you. We need more John Hunts so we can trust the people that represent us. You do a brilliant job well done.

EG. John, you are a very hard-working person also very honest to the people of Taunton I trust all that you wish for us. Keep up the good work we need people like you to run the government.

JS. Appreciate all you do for Bishop’s Hull residents. Glad you are running as Independent as before. Thanks for making roads safer.

H. We wanted to thank you for your contact and your helpful information that you passed to us at the start of lockdown. Covid has brought many additional stresses to our business and your guidance has been invaluable.

BH. I don’t live in Bishops Hull but keep up the good work John. I wish all local politicians would do the same and leave party politics out of local government.

RG. Bishops Hull’s best without a doubt. We are very lucky to have you here. Thanks John.

KF. I don’t live in Bishops Hull, but I follow your work on Facebook and the gazette and your dedication and passion for the town is very clear to see. Keep up the good work…you are appreciated.

RT. John, you are a great man. Thanks for keeping us advised.

AC. Thank you John, very informative. Good job done….

JR. Thank you many thanks for all your efforts for our town and community. And a very Happy New Year to you.

BPE. Thanking you for all your hard work. Cheers.

DJ. Back at you John thank you for all you do.

RB. Many thanks for all you do for us.

DL. It’s rare to find someone at your level who actually does the ‘action speaks louder than words’ thing…..I put an X against your name to represent me. You have not let me or anyone else down. Respect John and thank you.

MWM. You imo are doing a great job. You do far more than mine which isn’t really a complement (as she does nothing at all) BUT you do a lot which doesn’t go unnoticed to me anyway.

AW. Long may you continue to keep up the good work.

HM. Please will you stand for parliament we need you.

J and A. Thank you so so much John, you are brilliant, and we all appreciate
all you do. We talk to lots of people, and they are full of all you do for
so many people.

JH. Thank you for your kind words support and passion to help the community. TAUNTON needs more people like you. We can’t thank you enough for what you do. I wish you every success and my support.

JG. John, you are a real asset to Taunton. Well done for your perseverance; you have a lot of backing from local people! Let’s make Taunton great again!! John Hunt for head of council!!

SAR. I’m sure I speak for many John when I say thank you for all your hard work.

PA. John Hunt, I wish that we had someone like you representing us in Creech St Michael. I’d vote for you!

SR. John, keep up the good work!

EC. I have been following you with interest, as the only real voice of the people. Be very interested to see how things develop. If we can help in anyway, please let us know.

FH. Thank you John, excuse me for asking but are you the only person (council related I mean) who’s doing anything useful in our town?

CA. Seriously…this country needs more people like you. Proactive, hands on, can do….and Local!!!

DL. Making a lot of sense. Also, the only candidate to put a flyer through my door. Vote for someone who really wants this. Vote for someone who knows the area and knows what the people want. Vote for someone who is not tied to mainstream politics. Vote for someone who will make a difference. Vote John Hunt.

SW. Time for change John. I live in Comeytrowe my friend but would support your election if I had to. Modern and out there I’d call it and foremost INTERESTED in the people.

MC. Rent offices in your Division, but live just outside it. I would certainly vote for you if I could, but sadly I can’t. You do however have my support – we need more people like you John – good luck to you Sir & keep up the good work.

HP. Just who we need! No political agenda, just get the jobs done that need doing! Good luck John Hunt!

FH. Does this mean that the rest of Taunton is absolutely perfect because you seem to be the only prospective councillor who actually notices or points these things out? are you absolutely sure cloning doesn’t work?

RG. Really good way of providing an update, thanks John. Great that you are blazing a trail for Bishops Hull and for Councillors everywhere else to follow.

JW. Just finished listening to your ground-breaking video report, absolutely brilliant, well done.

SL. Thank you John. I read your posts and comments and what you do try and do to help the area you live. I take my hat off to you if can’t be easy fighting what is a brick wall in front of you when it comes to getting the council to sort things out.

SS. I should have known that you would be on the ball, thank you for all you do for all of us.

EG. Thank you, John, for all the hard work you do for us all.

GT. keep up the good work – in my years living in Somerset, you are one of the few councillors who I have seen who is taking a real interest in the views of the electorate related to lots of issues
electorate related to lots of issues

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