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Cllr John Hunt’s Video Report to the Parish Council – 8th March 2018.

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For this month’s County Councillor’s report to the Bishops Hull Parish Council, I thought it would be an excellent idea to try something a little different.

Personally I find it hard work reading through long reports and would love to receive council papers etc in a format that makes it easier for me to digest hence this, my first video report to the Parish Council.
I’d much rather listen/watch an item, than read about it and I rather hope you agree with me. It does mean I can actually say what I mean and hopefully get my points across a lot better than I could ever do using the written word. Naturally I have sought the permission of the Chairman and Parish Clerk prior to making this video.

The report contains the following subjects:

For detailed information, copies of the plans and photographs please click here.

A suggestion for the formation of an emergency volunteer group.

My meeting with Sergeant Charmaine Dyne, Beat Manager Charles Gear and PCSO Simon Parry at Taunton Police Station on Sunday 18/02/18.

A serious incident involving a local resident in her 80s.

Here is my video report…

For your interest, I did search for other Councillor video reports to Parish Councils across the UK so that I could get a guide as to content, video length, etc and to my great surprise I found nothing anywhere.
So this could actually be an historic moment, the first video report from a County (or even Borough) Councillor to a UK Parish Council.

If you require further information please don’t hesitate to email me on

Kind regards,

Cllr John Hunt
Somerset County Councillor for
Bishop’s Hull and Taunton West

Please note, this is only a sample of my actions relating to Bishops Hull since the last Parish Council meeting. Much of my work is in the Taunton West/Town centre area which is not included here unless it is relevant or of interest to the residents of Bishops Hull.
There are also issues of a more sensitive or confidential nature that would intrude upon the privacy of those involved, which I’ve not shared with you.

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