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Cllr John Hunt’s Video Report to the Parish Council – 19th April 2018.

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Restrictions on both exit corners of Waterfield Drive/Jarmyns, the westerly exit corner of Waterfield Drive/Waterfield Close and on the bend at Bishops Hull Hill opposite Netherclay, have been applied for and as far as I’m aware there have been no objections to the Traffic Regulation Orders that expired on the 12th April.
So it’s reasonably safe to assume these will come into force, possible as soon as July 2018.
The proposed Residents Parking Scheme at Richmond Park, is moving forward. Letters will be circulated to residents shortly.

Pedestrian safety issues.
After many complaints from residents, I’ve asked Highways for yellow ‘Box’ road markings to be added at the Junction of Silk Mills, Mountway Road and Bishops Hull Hill. Highway have rejected the idea, however since applying, I’ve had more calls from resident, in particular parents taking their children to School.
I have asked residents to let me have photos and their emails supporting my request and will go back to SCC with a further request shortly.

Sewage Leak. On Easter Sunday our Facebook Group was informed (thank you PG) of sewage bubbling out of a manhole cover and forming a small stream from the manhole to an open drain. This was located at the rear of Kinglake close to the children’s play area.
Both Persimmon and Wessex Water were saying it’s not their responsibility.
After 6 days and lot of calls/site visits, Wessex Water agreed to do the work and worry about who’s paying the bill afterwards.
I met the engineer onsite, who cleared the blocked sewer within an hour. The reason for the blockage was ‘wet-wipes’ being flushed down the toilet.
Although the issue has been resolved, I am still concerned at the lack of assistance and care from Persimmon. They simply were not interested and simply passed the buck to Wessex. This ‘blockage’ could have been cleared very easily be them, instead filthy water was allowed to run across the surface close to a child’s play area for 6 days, which in my opinion is totally unacceptable. It’s true to say, that had I been less ‘forceful’ with Wessex, this sewage could still be there today, disgraceful.
Following the incident, I’ve been liaising with a Persimmon manager who it must be said has been very supportive, albeit after the fact. At my request, he is investigating what went wrong and who if fact should have taken responsibility.

Bishops Hull Hub’s Easter Egg Hunt.
Monies raised from the event, an incredible £511.95, will be going towards the proposed new hall replacing the existing Church Hall. See >>>

TDBC Citizenship Awards.
It was lovely to see Clement Pryer being honoured for his services to the community and in particular to Bishops Hull.
From the TDBC website: “Clem has devoted years to voluntary work with local charities and organisations. He took on the temporary role of cleaning the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul, Bishops Hull, many years ago and is still doing this weekly. He also serves the Chalice at Holy Communion each week, sets up the church for services, is a key person at the monthly coffee mornings, runs the book sale, and is a regular helper with the creation and distribution of the Parish Magazine.
Clement is also involved in the work of the Open Door charity for the homeless in Taunton where he cooks breakfast and lunch, and serves tea and coffee.
He is also involved in a range of activities which serve the wider community, for example, he is a long standing member and leader of the Bishops Hull Flower Show, is an expert on narrow boats giving talks to local schools, helped with the annual Christian Aid book sale at Silver St. Baptist Church and took Christmas gifts with the NSPCC to the Halcon estate for many years.”

The town’s Northern Inner Distributor Road will also be formally named Trenchard Way, after the 1st Viscount Trenchard who is widely regarded as the Father of the RAF, was born in Taunton in 1873. He went on to a distinguished military career and in 1918 became the first Chief of the Air Staff when the RAF was formed.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t stand for Special Weapons And Tactics, an American law enforcement team, it stands for rather less glamorous Somerset West and Taunton borough council.
On the 19th March I went to a special meeting of the TDBC full council at Oak Manor, to witness the vote on the merging of TDBC and West Somerset Council, forming SWAT.
To everyone’s surprise the result was a lot closer than many thought, but approved it was and subject to rubber stamping by the Sajid Javid, the new council will I believe come into being just prior to the elections in May 2019.

It is not yet set in stone, but our proposed new borough council ward will be a merging of the current Bishops Hull ward with Comeytrowe. The new ward would have around 6,000 residents and 3 elected borough councillors, thus meeting the preferred target of 2,000 residents to each councillor.
This increase in residents per councillor, is due to the proposed overall reduction in councillors from a current combined total of 84 (1,362 rpc) to 58 (2,063 rpc).

My next residents surgery is on Friday 27th April at the Frank Bond Centre 10:30 – 11:30.

Please note.
This is only a sample of my actions relating to Bishops Hull since the last Parish Council meeting. Much of my work is in the Taunton West/Town centre area which is not included here unless it is relevant or of interest to the residents of Bishops Hull.
There are also issues of a more sensitive or confidential nature that would intrude upon the privacy of those involved not included here.

If you have questions about any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Cllr John Hunt
Somerset County Councillor for
Bishops Hull and Taunton West

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