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Let’s demand a Christmas Light ‘Switch-On’ event in Taunton next year…

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UPDATE 14/12/16…
I went along to address TDBCs full council meeting last evening.
I only had 4 mins to speak, but got as much across as I could in the time available.
I suggested meeting with the TDBC Events Group led by councillor Mark Edwards.
John Williams (council leader) answered me saying he’d ask Mark Edwards (deputy leader) to contact me.
I was received well and all councillors have a copy of the ‘comments’ etc from this FB page, so hopefully this will get things moving.
I doubt much will happen this side of Christmas, but I can assure you all, I’ll be keeping on top this and will keep you all informed as soon as I have any news.
Merry Christmas,
John 🎄

I’ve spoken to so many people who are disappointed not to have had a Christmas light ‘switch-on’ event in Taunton town centre this year.
Click ‘LIKE’ if you want to see this event brought back in 2017. If this post receives enough support, I’ll make certain that TDBC hear all about it.
It’s always great to see everyone coming together and what an excellent advert for our county town it would surely be.
Have it on a Thursday night to get ‘late night’ shopping off with a party spirit, has to be good for our long suffering traders too.
On a positive note, I love our new tree this year and the light show behind it. It’s just a shame that there’s not much in the way of decorations though.
North Street and the High Street need so much more than the rather lonely one or two that are there and Fore Street has a duplication of the same decoration, at least there are more of them.

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Have a great Christmas everyone,

John Hunt

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