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I’m sure many of you will remember this. Back in July/August 2011, I made a bit of a plonker of myself, on ITV’s Loose Women.
For a bit of fun, I entered the ‘Find Sherrie a man’ competition and certainly didn’t expect to end up ‘live’ on the show, eventually winning a fabulous trip on the Orient Express with the lovely Sherrie Hewson.
What started out as a bit of laugh, turned out to be a truly amazing experience.
I’ve added the videos of my TV moments here, fun viewing if you really have nothing better to do and fancy a good laugh.
I would like to say many thanks to those of you that voted for me, I was a tad overwhelmed to be honest. It was a very surreal experience, knowing that squillions of people around the country were watching and voting for me and the other guys.

Here are the links to the various videos and photos from the show >>>