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St Margaret’s Hospice Bubble Rush, Longrun Meadow, Taunton 2017

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For this month’s Community News article, I thought I’d tell you about one of my favourite volunteering roles of the year, the St Margaret’s Hospice event ‘The Bubble Rush’, held in Longrun Meadow on Sunday 9th July.
My role at the event was to welcome the entrants on arrival and guide them to their designated registration area.

This year around 700 people of all ages and abilities took part and because it’s all about having as much fun as possible, whilst raising money (£25,000) for a fabulous cause, it really didn’t matter whether they ran, jogged or walked because nobody is timing anyone.

Throughout the 5 kilometre course (twice around Longrun) there were various Bubble Stations, where high powered foam cannons fired out 30 cubic metres a minute of frothy multi-coloured milkshake bubbles. A trained team of Bubble Commandos manned each Foam Cannon to make sure everyone gets covered in colourful frothy foam.

Friends ask me why I volunteer at this event? I say to them “if you could see the look on the faces of the men, women, boys and girls at the finish line. The pride, tears, emotion, satisfaction and the sense of achievement.” That’s why I do it and what a privilege it is too.

Congratulations to St Margaret’s Events Project Lead Sonia Bateman for organising another well run Bubble Rush and to those who volunteered alongside me, including those that did the ‘hard work’ behind the scenes. You all did an amazing job and made me feel very welcome, thank you.

John Hunt

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