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Bishop’s Hull Hub. Coming soon – Fundraiser in the village!

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Bishops Hull resident Sue faire has asked to post the following…

THE HUB: Too busy to volunteer for fund raising? You can still help.

On a date (yet to be set) in late Spring, David and Jane Gurr will be hosting a Fund Raising/Progress event at Milligan, Netherclay.
I will have a stall selling all those things I’ve received for birthdays/Christmas that are languishing in a drawer because they’re just not me! I’m sure I’m not the only one. That scarf you wouldn’t be seen wearing in public could be someone’s fashion statement; that bar of soap/scented candle you can’t abide maybe someone’s idea of bliss.

Please search out anything (though not books, please) that is good-as-new but unloved, and pop them round to me at NORTHWAY COTTAGE, NETHERCLAY. 100% of all sales will go to THE HUB – our new village venue. Thank you. Sue Faire

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