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Will you join the Bishops Hull Emergency Volunteer Force?

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For this month’s article (June 2018) I’d like to draw your attention to the proposed Bishops Hull Emergency Volunteer Force mentioned in my recent report. I’m assembling a team of volunteers who are able to assist our more vulnerable residents during times of unusual weather events, such as the recent snow.

How it will work.
Once it becomes obvious that local residents need our assistance, the ‘helpline’ number will be published on social media, asking that it be passed on to vulnerable friends and relatives of those reading the post.

During the recent Snow, it became clear as Thursday March the 1st ended, that Friday would be the best day to get ourselves out there and help those in need. This could easily have been pre-planned so that our EVF was spread out to all areas of the village.

As many of you know, we did this by asking for volunteers on Social media and were able to assist several local residents. However, with an EVF in-place prior to the incident, we could have been able to do so much more and reach those all over the village that needed our help.
It was also difficult to know if some areas had been reached due to the lack of a co-ordinated plan and if we were duplicating our efforts. Having said that, I reckon we did well on the ‘spur of the moment’.

If you’d like to join the Bishops Hull Emergency Volunteer Force, please let me have your full name, mobile number, home number, email and home address. Your home address is important, as we’ll need to make sure you are deployed as close to your home location as possible.
It would be helpful to know if you own or have access to a 4 wheel drive vehicle and would be happy to use it to assist the community. Please remember you’ll be using your own insurance (please check that you are insured) and paying for the fuel yourself.

It’s vital that we have a minimum of 2 volunteers working together in each area of the village. Once I’ve got a full list of volunteers, we’ll meet up and designate areas for each of us to concentrate on.

With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becoming law on the 25th May 2018, I will need you to confirm that you’re happy for me to retain your contact details. These will be stored on my mobile device and personal laptop.

Your name will NOT be published anywhere. Only myself and possibly one other in the group will have your contact details.

Please note.
Any damages and injuries caused to others or yourself whilst undertaking your role as a volunteer with the EVF are entirely your responsibility.
No liability whatsoever will be accepted by me or your fellow volunteers for your safety. All volunteers are liable for any and all costs they incur.

Although I am a Somerset County Councillor, please know that the EVF is not a Somerset County Council initiative and for the purposes of the EVF I am acting as a private individual.

My contact email is:

Many thanks,

John Hunt.

Here is a video I made just for fun, to show the conditions around the village between 17:00 and 18:00 on Thursday March 1st 2018.

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